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Choosing Your Tools

By J.Austine
Choosing your tools

If you are looking to avoid monitoring while browsing the dark web, you need to choose the right tools for digital forensics. The darknet lurks below the surface of the clear web. Moreover, the darknet is part of the deep, and they account for 90% of all web content

Choose the right tools for digital forensics.

The dark net market is an excellent source for digital forensics. It houses stolen credit card information, illegal products, hackers, and terrorists. Furthermore, criminals trade in the dark market using cryptocurrency to mask their identities. So, monitoring the dark web is an integral part of cybercrime investigations. Investigators need dark web monitoring tools to help them get the required information.

Why Monitor the Dark Web?

Government agencies need to watch the dark net market for various reasons. By monitoring the darknet, they can track the digital footprints of criminals. Also, they can get the criminal’s network insights, transactions, and their partners. Still, the investigators face challenges in dark web monitoring.
Scanning the black market to collect and analyze big data is time-consuming and complex. The data can be from forums, dark web marketplaces, online message boards, and blogs. Analyzing these large amounts of data can be difficult. So, analysts and investigators need OSINT tools to simplify the process.
OSINT tools scan the dark web to detect and find links between perpetrators and various profiles. Thus, the results get presented in maps and graphs for actionable insight. In other words, high-end dark web monitoring tools are essential in tracking down cybercriminals.

What are dark web monitoring tools?

Dark web monitoring tools are help law enforcement agencies to bring down cybercriminals. These tools identify the threat actors and scan their dark web activities. The tools map links between the criminals and their partners. they also follow the cryptocurrency coin trail. Thus, the tools are vital in preventing criminal acts.
Moreover, darknet monitoring tools are handy in identifying and preventing insider threats. The monitoring software can scan for information on specific organizations. Also, they can detect specific assets that show a potential breach or target. The assets can be patent drafts, research papers, or confidential memos.
Monitoring tools enable analysts and investigators to scan the darknet anonymously and securely. Hence, they can collect relevant data with low digital footprints. Furthermore, the tools help organize results for follow-up to save time in the process.

How do dark web monitoring tools work?

Darknet monitoring tools apply intelligent algorithms in their scans. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one algorithm incorporated in monitoring services. Most dark market message boards and forums use various languages to communicate. So, dark web scanning services overcome language barriers when collecting and analyzing information.
Thus, law enforcement organizations need the best darknet monitoring tools in the market. Besides, they need digital forensics and other tools to help prevent crimes. Dark web monitoring tools track, identify and stop illegal dark market activities.
The artificial intelligence-enabled WEBINT solution of Cobwebs helps investigators scan the dark web. It does this by collecting, analyzing, and monitoring information within a strategic timeframe. This internet intelligence platform has dark web monitoring tools. It also features internet monitoring software built to improve web investigation processes.
The web engine analyzes data using complex AI algorithms to offer deep insights in real-time. It enables investigators to start cybercrime investigations with any piece of digital data. The data can either be an image, suspect name, or IP address. The cobwebs tool enables law enforcement agencies to scan and watch the darknet. This provides detailed, automated information for immediate action.

Features To Look for to Help Choose The Right Tools

When choosing your dark web monitoring tools, you should consider the following features:

Dark web search engine

The darknet consists of routable IP addresses that are not in use. Generally, the dark web is a collection of hidden websites. You can only access the web pages through special software. As a result, regular web browsers can’t access the darknet. You need a darknet search engine to reach the dark web.
Tor is one of the dark web search engines that hardly leaves a footprint in the dark web. You can access the Tor network through the onion browser (Tor Browser). It automatically reroutes your traffic through the Tor network.

Leveraging intel on ONSIT Websites

Analysts and investigators needs relevant information from open-source websites for their investigations. The data gets analyzed to obtain actionable insights. The investigators need open-source monitoring tools to get data from the dark web. Such monitoring tools exist in the WEBINT platform of Cobwebs.

Ability to get social media insights

Threat actors use social media in various aspects of their lives. They use social media to communicate and trade illegal services and products. Additionally, they use social media to plan and execute criminal activities.
Stolen information like data obtained from cyberattacks gets auctioned in the darknet marketplace. Hence, dark web monitoring tools must be able to scan darknet social media platforms. This enables you to gain insights into the criminal's activities, locations, and behavior patterns.

Geofencing tools

When choosing a dark web monitoring tool, you should opt for one with geofencing software. This software allows investigators to know the exact location of the criminal. Geofencing tools enable situation awareness.
The software should draw web content from geographically specific location-based radiuses. These radiuses can be postings in the darknet. Omit geo-intelligence, the software must be able to geolocate texts. Also, it should offer advanced geofencing capabilities, alerts, and analytics.

Digital risk analysis assistance

Lastly, the darknet monitoring tool should carry out digital risk analysis for organizations. These organizations include financial institutions that should follow monetary laws and regulations. Such organizations are subject to anti-money laundering (AML) and terror financing laws.
Organizations use risk analysis software for several reasons. For starters, it improves the customers’ experience. Furthermore, it reduces operating costs and increases revenue. You must collect and analyze dark web data to get information on digital risk statuses.
The WEBINT platform of Cobwebs draws and analyses big data in a fast and accurate manner. It also displays the findings in a user-friendly GUI for follow-up.

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